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Diet program

This is take care of your future.

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Nutritional Counseling

For the individual that is serious about change! A 3 month commitment is needed to produce lasting results. Whether you want to improve your chronic health condition or are motivated to completely transform your health, this package is for you! It includes initial 60 - 90 minute consult, laboratory test(s) recommendation (if needed), assistance facilitating lab testing, interpretation of results, lifestyle nutrition action plan, and regular follow-up/check ins up to 3 months (includes at least 6 x 30 minute follow-ups/depends on needs of client). (Testing and supplements not included.)
3 month program $500

Weight Reboot Program

If you are serious about rebooting your metabolism then this is the package for you! Start with a 10 day metabolic detoxification program to improve your ability to burn fat and lose weight more efficiently. Take a week break and then go into the most heavily researched 5 day fasting program (ProLon "Fasting Mimicking Diet"). Research shows improvement in metabolic markers and fat loss in just 5 days. Best results when ProLon is repeated periodically.
Program includes: Detox kit $125 and 5 day fasting program (ProLon) $199 and nutritional counseling throughout the month.
1 month program $550

Advanced Testing

For the individual who's curious to see what advanced nutritional test(s) could help improve your health. This package includes initial 60-90 minute assessment, recommendation of test(s), our time reviewing test results with the testing company's clinician (30-60 minutes), the interpretation of results to the patient, as well as an action plan (60-90 minutes). (Test(s) and follow-ups not included).
Testing Support $250

Metabolic Detoxification

If you feel like you need a tune up just like your car needs every so often, then a metabolic detox program may be the perfect thing to increase your energy and get your engine going! Fill out a questionnaire to see if you qualify for a 10 day detox program that focuses on balancing your internal metabolic processes while detoxifying heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins.
Program includes: detox program coaching throughout the process and a detox product kit worth $125. (Click on the "Metabolic Detoxification" menu above for more information).
10 day program $300

Nutritional Counseling - a la carte

For the person who is generally healthy and just needs some immune support recommendations, supplement advice, or fine tuning your health, why not schedule a 60 - 90 minute consult to see what functional nutrition has to offer? If you decide you would like to sign up for a program afterwards, we will apply the cost of this session towards a package.
*This is for existing clients only.
60-90 minutes $125

Nutritional Counseling - a la carte

This is a follow-up session to any nutrition package or the 1 hour a la carte nutritional counseling session which can be purchased as a stand alone session. For the individual that is not ready to commit to a program but curious about ways to improve their health.
*This is for existing clients only.
30 minutes $75

What we offer

If you are feeling tired and frustrated in your health journey, you’ve come to the right place! I help stressed-out and overworked middle-aged individuals get answers. Let’s dig deeper, get your energy back, and lift the fog using a functional nutrition approach! Key advanced functional tests can help you get to the root of your issues.

Start your journey with a complimentary functional nutrition strategy session today! Click on any of the links below to get started. 
I look forward to working together!



4 month program

Ready to prioritize your heart health and make lasting changes? This program is designed to help you make sustainable changes and get results.


1 x 60-90 minute initial session

7 x 30-45 minute follow-up sessions (may change as needed)

Messaging in-between appointments

2 x Styku body composition scans – if in LA/OC area

Personalized Meal Plans

Testing support results analysis (if applicable)

Weight Reboot Program


1 month program

Have an upcoming wedding or event? Looking for a quick way to reset your internal furnace in just 1 month? Improve your metabolism and ability to burn fat today with methods backed by science!


1 x 10-day metabolic detoxification kit ($138)

1 x 5-day Prolon “Fasting Mimicking Diet” food kit ($190)

$328 worth of products included

1 x  60-90 minute initial session

2 x 30-45 minute follow-up sessions

2 x Styku body composition scans – if in OC/LA area

Metabolic Detoxification


10 day program

Give your body a tune-up and improve your energy, decrease brain fog, lower caffeine tolerance, burn fat more efficiently, and so much more with a 10-day metabolic detoxification program!


1 x 10-day metabolic detoxification kit ($138)

1 x 60-90 minute initial session

1 x 30-45 minute follow-up sessions

Messaging in-between appointments

Personalized detox meal plan

*Add a Styku body composition scan for just $29 if you are in the LA/OC area.

Meal Plans


Meal Plans

Need help to stay on track? Want clear guidelines on what and how much to eat? Get our meal plans and eliminate the stress and complexity of creating weekly meals.


100% customized meal plans by medical condition, nutrient goals, preferences, and schedule

Engaging meal variety with tasty, tested, vetted, and expert-curated recipes

Shopping lists provided

Short nutrition consult to determine which meal plan is best for you

Access to a registered dietitian/nutritionist

3D Body Scans


**Per Scan

Frustrated with the inaccuracy of traditional bathroom scales? Then try a 3D infrared body scan by Styku.

Safe and innovative technology

Tracks your risks of obesity-related diseases

Measures fat, muscle, and bone mass

A detailed report is provided

Visualize your progress in 3D

Completely private and contactless

*ONLY available in-person. Scanning days will be announced at various locations in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Nutrition Membership



For those clients that complete the four-month program or the Weight Reboot Program, you qualify for the Nutrition Membership Program. 


2 x 30-45 minute sessions ($180 value)

(Number of sessions can vary depending on needs of client)

Support to keep you on track!

Personalized meal plans

*Add a Styku body composition scan for just $29 if you are in the LA/OC area.

Save $53 with the membership!

Free Strategy Call

No more excuses! No more delays! Time to focus on getting strong, resilient, and improving your quality of life. There’s no better investment than in your health!


A few kind words

Kathleen A., RN, BSN Registered Nurse

Ana's education in functional nutrition and supplements was the key to resolving my struggle with long-term inflammation. Ana is incredibly knowledgeable about clean eating, which allowed my body to heal. Her knowledge in natural supplements helped my liver, kidney, and vascular system to function better.

Holly H. Creative Director

I had a rib injury several months ago that was keeping me down with a significant amount of pain. I avoid prescription pain pills at all costs if possible. Ana turned me on to one of her nutritional supplement products that turned out to be an absolute game changer. Forever grateful -- thank you Ana!

Shima B. Business Owner

Ana has helped my family navigate our path to wellness. She ordered nutritional testing and designed individual supplement programs for us. She also coached us in raising our immune system early on during COVID. Ana is extremely versed and passionate about finding one's optimal wellness.

Not sure which service to choose? Book a complimentary call and we will help you decide.